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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Do you remember the book we used to read to our children about the little train that could? It dawned on me recently that Covid-19 is “That Little Virus That Could“. What do I mean? Consider the following. For the last seven months the world has been preoccupied with the immediate effects and direct impacts of this pandemic. The list includes impacts on world heath and economies, education, social interaction, work habits,… Read More

A month ago I launched a web page called Tefilah MeHalev – Prayer From the Heart http://www.yomtovnusach.com. It all began with an inquiry by my rabbi one morning after services whether I would be willing to “make a tape” of cantorial selections from the High Holiday liturgy. (I am a cantor on the High Holidays) which he would be able to share with individuals who, because of Covid-19, would not be attending… Read More