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Monthly Archives: December 2020

Our law firm has been very fortunate. We were able to work remotely rather seamlessly during the initial months of shelter in place and we were able to return to our offices this summer in a safe, healthy environment. I have been especially impressed and proud of our entire team and the highly diligent and respectful manner in which everyone has observed all of the various protective practices and requirements which we… Read More

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Tonight, as I light the Chanukah menorah for the first of eight nights, the eternal message of the Chanukah holiday will be especially meaningful and powerful. Unlike other holidays on the Jewish calendar which are biblically ordained, Chanukah is a rabbinically established holiday which commemorates the victory, against all odds, of the Maccabees against their Greek rulers and oppressors. After their victory, the Macabees returned to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and… Read More