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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Day 76. A pandemic. A brutal police murder. Riots across America. A President who legitimizes hate. Have we learned nothing? What happened to “alone but together”?

Day 73. This week two noteworthy pandemic related milestones were reached. The first a grim one: in a short three month period the United States lost 100,000 people to the Corona virus. The second a positive, but concerning one: major portions of the Washington DC metropolitan area, specifically DC and Northern Virginia, have announced that they are ready to transition to a Phase 1 level reopening. To put the first milestone in… Read More

Day 72. In response to my post of yesterday a good friend sent me the following email on the importance of keeping the pandemic and its impact on our lives in perspective. I am most grateful for his thoughts and share them with you. He wrote: “I’m not downplaying the seriousness of the virus or the world we live in today but I also think it helps to think about what our… Read More

Day 71. Human nature is such that at some point “stay at home” orders will become unsustainable. We will come to regard the period of sheltering in place as having been the more “simple” period of response to the Corona virus threat. The post “shelter in place” period will present significant individual and societal challenges until a vaccine or cure is discovered. Because the virus will remain a constant danger but individual… Read More

Day 69. A photographic Memorial Day Salute to all those who protect and defend us. © Judah Lifschitz 2020

Day 67. This weekend America pays tribute to all those who have served and are currently serving to protect our freedom, our way of life, our very lives. It is a time to pause and think about how lucky we are to live in this great country; an opportunity to not take for granted the freedoms we enjoy each and every day. A weekend to acknowledge all those men and women who… Read More

Day 66. I have always been impressed by marathon runners. The marathon runner has physical strength, ability and stamina. But to go the distance, the physical attributes of the runner are not enough. To get to across the finish line the marathon runner must maintain a consistent mental focus and control. A change from positive to negative, from an “I can do this” to an “I am not going to make it”… Read More

Day 65. Next Tuesday night May 26 at 8 pm an extraordinary charity, Sulam, which educates children with invisible and visible disabilities, will be holding its first ever Virtual Gala . Sulam is trying to raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars it would have normally raised at its annual June Gala which was cancelled due to the Corona virus pandemic. The challenge (and threat) to Sulam and all charities brought on… Read More

Day 64. As I read the first section of yesterday’s Washington Post I was struck by how the coronavirus article headlines depicted an utter state of confusion in our country’s response to the pandemic. Consider these headlines: “‘This Feels Great’ A preview from Georgia about how America might reemerge from the pandemic: Eating, drinking, touching, and throwing caution to the wind.” “A boost in tests, but lack of takers” “Trump seems poised… Read More