Some random thoughts

Day 71.

Human nature is such that at some point “stay at home” orders will become unsustainable.

We will come to regard the period of sheltering in place as having been the more “simple” period of response to the Corona virus threat.

The post “shelter in place” period will present significant individual and societal challenges until a vaccine or cure is discovered.

Because the virus will remain a constant danger but individual and societal response to it will be varied the death toll will continue to climb to unimaginable numbers.

A huge number of Americans, 100,000, have lost their lives to Covid-19 in a few short months. The enormous death toll number alone is not impactful enough to influence the personal behavior of large numbers of the public.

The notion that the economy will “snap back” in short order is foolish. Businesses will continue to struggle with the impacts of the pandemic for months to come.

The pandemic will cause radical change to schools, summer camps, child care etc. The results will be significant. The level of education will suffer for the length of the pandemic. The impact to child care will in turn reduce the ability of businesses to ‘”return to normal” which will in turn contribute to a longer , deeper economic downturn.

Where, when and how we pray will be effected for the life of the pandemic

We can hope for a vaccine in the near future but must plan for living with the Corona virus over a sustained period of time.

Ignoring the virus will not make it go away.

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