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Monthly Archives: March 2021

Dear Hillel, A year ago you and I were studying for your bar mitzvah. And then, suddenly and without warning, the pandemic struck and changed everything. Understandably, you were extremely disappointed. We all were. After all you had worked so hard for a year studying and preparing. And we were all looking forward to celebrating with you. But G-d had a different plan for you and thousands of other bar mitzvah boys… Read More

Vaccines are a pandemic game changer for sure. Just ask anyone who has been fortunate enough to get one. They are allow a gradual return to pre-pandemic activity. For example, I have hugged my grandchildren and shared meals with them, unmasked, in accordance with the latest CDC guidelines. I have recently begun to see individuals whom I have not seen literally for a year because they have been sequestered at home during… Read More

For my entire professional career I have travelled extensively. My practice has taken me across the United States, Europe and even to the Amazon. I have tons of frequent flyer points on many airlines. On United alone I have flown close to 1 million miles. That is until the second week in March 2020 when the Corona virus pandemic brought my travel to a screeching halt. From March 8, 2020 until a… Read More