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Monthly Archives: August 2020

I was on a conference call with a Federal Magistrate Judge last Thursday discussing the status of a major case when one of the lawyers started explaining why a revision of the case schedule was necessary in her view. In addressing the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on the progress of the case she said, “In March we thought this would be over in a few months”. Whether people really believed… Read More

Towards the end of her life my mother was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia. Fortunately, a year before her diagnosis a new genetic drug, Gleevec, was approved which literally saves patients suffering from this disease from certain death. Unfortunately, Gleevec is extremely expensive. The average patient simply can not afford the drug and insurance coverage is also difficult. My mother was able to qualify for a financial assistance program that made the… Read More

Merriam Webster defines the noun “normal” as “a form or state regarded as the norm; STANDARD”. Today, it is common to hear people speak of “the new normal” when referring to our “pandemically” changed lives, suggesting that our way of life has been forever transformed into a new “state regarded as the norm”. I reject this notion. The term “the new normal” when invoked to describe the impact of the Carona virus… Read More

Hard to believe but we are in our sixth month of the Corona virus pandemic and we have a long way to go. While I was home during under the shelter in place directive I would often take a brisk morning walk in a beautiful park and botanical garden near where I live. Frequently, I took a camera with me to capture spring images. One image in particular from that period has… Read More

As the pandemic rages on the negative financial and operational effects on important community institutions grows more acute with every day that passes. Our schools and synagogues have been especially hard hit by the operational limitations required in a Covid-19 world. They are struggling to service their constituencies in a relevant and effective manner. Additionally, their regular sources of income have been undermined and compromised The impending new school year and High… Read More