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Monthly Archives: June 2020

The Covid -19 statistics in the United States are getting worse and more dire with every passing day. The virus is spreading across much of the country and infection rates are growing exponentially. Major cities, Houston, for example, are now predicted to be the next New York city. Why? Because millions of Americans refuse to follow the basic precautions of wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Incredibly, these simple but critically important… Read More

With the Corona virus continuing to rage across much of the United States, summer vacation plans are largely a thing of the past. We are left to reliving past vacations and imagining what could have been. Today’s images rekindle pleasant memories of a past Lifschitz klan vacation in Cabo and hopefully, at least for a brief moment in time, will help jump start your virtual vacation. © Judah Lifschitz 2020

The process of returning to a semblance of a normal routine has highlighted for me a casualty of the pandemic; friendships. I am not referring to my several closest friendships. Those have remained vibrant, pandemic notwithstanding. I am referring to the many casual friendships I have formed over the years. The friendships made through shared interests, regular interactions, professional, communal activities and events. The people you meet at the gym, the local… Read More

Another Friday another troubling headline: In countries keeping the coronavirus at bay, experts watch U.S. case numbers with alarm Washington Post June 19, 2020 With the continuing lackluster (at best) US response to the pandemic I retreat to photography to lift my spirits. © Judah Lifschitz 2020

Before the Corona virus my first “appointment” of every day was attending the 6:45 am minyan (service) at my synagogue. That came to an abrupt end when on March 14 all the local synagogues shuttered their doors in response to the growing rate and risk of infection. For the last three months, until Monday of this week, every synagogue in my neighborhood has been closed and I and my fellow congregants have… Read More

Driving to my office last Thursday I was thinking about how long it had been since we had enjoyed a day away from our home. Other than walking at Brookside Gardens we have not ventured much out of the house except for local shopping, errands, and since last week, my going to the office daily. I called my wife with a bit of a “radical”, by Covid-19 standards, idea. “How about we… Read More

The headline of today’s New York Times reported: “On the Future, Americans Can Agree: It Doesn’t Look Good Battered by a health crisis and fury about racial injustice, voters are mourning the past, worried about the present and fearful of what comes next.” At difficult times like these we need to support each other and remind each other that the sun always rises on a new day. © Judah Lifschitz 2020

I am completing my first week “back” in the office. It was an intense, stressful week in which I (i) represented an international client in a significant mediation; (ii) conducted my first ever Zoom platform mediation; and (iii) took three days of deposition with multiple lawyers by Zoom. My stress came from four sources: Pandemic related stress Technology related stress Economy related stress Case/professional related stress The latter comes with the territory…. Read More

My first days back in the office were challenging .For while I was in one sense “returning” to the world I had left some 80 days prior, in another very real sense I was entering a very different world; one with a different environment, new risks, limitations on social contact, and in which familiar tasks and activities require new methods and technologies. Day one, Wednesday, was anxiety filled and stressful. The transition… Read More

Day 80. This is the Washington DC to which I returned yesterday.