No hugs

Driving to my office last Thursday I was thinking about how long it had been since we had enjoyed a day away from our home. Other than walking at Brookside Gardens we have not ventured much out of the house except for local shopping, errands, and since last week, my going to the office daily. I called my wife with a bit of a “radical”, by Covid-19 standards, idea. “How about we take Sunday off and drive to New Jersey for the day for a social distance visit with our son, daughter in law, and grandchildren whom we have not seen since January.” Without hesitation, my wife agreed .She had been thinking along exactly the same lines; that’s what 40 plus years of marriage will do! Our kids were excited to have us and our plans were set.

Sunday morning we drove to New Jersey and spent an enjoyable day with our kids and grandchildren. The visit on the patio of their home was enhanced by my 90 year old in laws who drove from Long Island to spend time with all of us. It was the first time since Covid-19 that they had ventured out of their condo and neighborhood. The visit was entirely a pandemic proper visit. All social distancing requirements were observed, including masks, seats 6 feet apart, hand washing etc. By pandemic standards it was a great day and one more step towards a more “normal” life; that is by the new definition of “normal”.

I have absolutely no right to feel sorry for myself. I and all my family are thankfully healthy. All our wage earners are employed. For my family the pandemic so far has been a source of stress and inconvenience – but nothing worse. I need to be and I am thankful for our good fortune.

But – I do terribly miss not being able to hug my kids and my grandchildren.

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