a step forward

The month of May represents a milestone in our law firm’s journey through the pandemic. By the end of the month we will have returned full strength to our offices with no one working remotely. This has been made possible solely due to the availability of vaccines. As we transition back to a more “normal” work environment, we remain mindful that the pandemic is still a reality. Thus, we will continue to faithfully abide by all CDC guidelines to ensure a safe work place.

Our return to a larger degree of normalcy is coinciding with our annual evaluation process. As a part of that process we decided to solicit the thoughts and opinions of everyone on two issues: remote work and recreating our firm’s “together” culture. While we are still in the midst of this process and have drawn no conclusions as of yet, the responses to date have been enlightening. On the subject of remote work, to date, those responding have indicated a strong preference for “in office” work, leaving the remote option for “emergencies” or unavoidable situations. Further, all respondents to date agree that any remote work policy must have a defined structure and limits. On the topic of how best to rejuvenate our esprit de cours, the responses have been somewhat mixed with some encouraging initiation of “socially distant” lunches and similar opportunities and others desiring a slower timetable for the return of our firm luncheons and events.

To help us formulate our plans we have reached out to CEOs and consultants to seek their input and thoughts. While size, number of employees, physical plant, location, and other factors differ from business to business and result in different approaches, plans, and timetables – one thing is abundantly clear – everyone is beginning to focus on what “returning” will mean to their business and employees.

Of all the challenges we faced during the year plus of the pandemic, the “how to return to normal” challenges are most welcome.

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