we have gone mad!

The Covid -19 statistics in the United States are getting worse and more dire with every passing day. The virus is spreading across much of the country and infection rates are growing exponentially. Major cities, Houston, for example, are now predicted to be the next New York city. Why? Because millions of Americans refuse to follow the basic precautions of wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Incredibly, these simple but critically important steps which have been proven to reduce infection and materially contain the pandemic have become politicized. Democrat vs Republican. Left vs Right. Liberal vs Conservative. Arguments against these necessary precautions have even become the subject of constitutional arguments. Mandating social distancing and wearing of masks, it is argued by more than just a few fringe Americans, are attacked as denials of personal freedoms!

We have gone mad.

While our country’s leadership has woefully let the country and its citizens down and bears much blame, it is millions of average Americans who are choosing to ignore the strong recommendations of public health officials. By pretending that the pandemic is over they risk not only their own health but that of everyone with whom they come in contact.

The United States, the country that is supposed to be the greatest country on earth, the leader of the free world, now has the dubious distinction of leading the world in Covid-19 infections and deaths – with no end in sight. Why? Because we as citizens lack the individual and collective will to do what needs to be done to contain the virus and to save thousands of lives until a vaccine is developed.

Shame on us. We have gone mad!

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