I was on a conference call with a Federal Magistrate Judge last Thursday discussing the status of a major case when one of the lawyers started explaining why a revision of the case schedule was necessary in her view. In addressing the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on the progress of the case she said, “In March we thought this would be over in a few months”. Whether people really believed that to be the case or simply hoped that would prove to be true, we all know, now, that the reality is far different. We will very likely be living with this pandemic for at least another six months and recovering from its impacts for even longer than that.

The extended duration of the pandemic means that we will need to continue to respond to all its dangers, stresses ,and challenges for many more months. Are we up to the challenge? On Saturday a friend was telling me that one of his married children and family were coming over for a visit. “We do not social distance any more with family”, he told me. Perhaps there is no problem with this change in his practice. I do not know. But what it signifies is a natural tiring of the pandemic required restrictions and practices. The fierce debates over if, when, and how to open schools, while rightfully raising a number of important issues, also results to some extent from a tiring with pandemic imposed conditions.

While the ultimate answer the world is waiting for to end the pandemic is a vaccine, until one is developed we need to maintain our diligence and keep our personal and collective guard up.

Time will tell if we have the required self discipline and endurance. Time will tell if are up to that challenge.

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