for my grandson hillel

Dear Hillel,

A year ago you and I were studying for your bar mitzvah. And then, suddenly and without warning, the pandemic struck and changed everything. Understandably, you were extremely disappointed. We all were. After all you had worked so hard for a year studying and preparing. And we were all looking forward to celebrating with you. But G-d had a different plan for you and thousands of other bar mitzvah boys around the world.

A family Zoom event substituted for your bar mitzvah weekend and and later in the summer you celebrated with your friends at a socially distanced party. I know it was not exactly the bar mitzvah you had dreamed of, but you made us all very proud watching you accept the will of the Almighty.

Hillel, you have grown and matured this year. You are a spectacular young man and I am so proud to be your grandfather. Hillel, this blog post is for you.



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