Slowly But Surely

Vaccines are a pandemic game changer for sure. Just ask anyone who has been fortunate enough to get one. They are allow a gradual return to pre-pandemic activity. For example, I have hugged my grandchildren and shared meals with them, unmasked, in accordance with the latest CDC guidelines. I have recently begun to see individuals whom I have not seen literally for a year because they have been sequestered at home during the pandemic – until now – that they have been vaccinated. While this Passover we still will not have our entire family gather together for the seder, we will not be alone (see my blog post from last year). We will celebrate together with my ninety year old in laws who have also vaccinated. And just last night I received a notice from my synagogue that a number of the Covid imposed practices and restrictions are being lifted beacause so many of the at risk members have been vaccinated.

Clearly we are on the way out of this pandemic.

And yet all the experts are warning us – vaccinated and not yet vaccinated – to proceed with caution. Infection rates are still significant. Mutations are in a race against vaccinations. People are still dying of Covid-19.

So while I am enjoying my “new freedom”, I remain cognizant of my obligation to act responsibly; to ensure that my actions do not cause others to get sick. I am returning happily to a greater degree of “normalcy” BUT doing so slowly but surely.

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