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Day 63. Today is the sixth anniversary of my mother’s passing.It is the first time since my mother passed away that my brother and I will not be able to recite Kaddish for her. Since March 14 our synagogues have been shuttered closed due to the Corona virus pandemic. Thus, much to our sorrow, we can not fulfill our obligations as sons and recite Kaddish in her memory. We have both arranged… Read More

Day 62. The following is an excerpt from a piece written by Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN. I could not agree more! “That is why I’m worried about my patient right now. In this case, the United States of America. We have been infected, and we are only part way through the miserable therapy. If we stop now, however, it may not just be back to square 1. We may be worse… Read More

Day 60. Yesterday I went to my office briefly to drop off and pickup work materials. It was the first time I had ventured to 1742 N Street since mid-March. It felt good to get out of my house, get into my car, and drive downtown. For a couple of hours I was out; freed from my home office. It was exhilarating .And then the emptiness and quiet of what has always… Read More

Day 59. I am privileged to serve on a pro bono basis as President of Sulam, a very special school that provides Unlimited Learning to children with visible and invisible disabilities and learning challenges.  My involvement and that of our law firm dates back to Sulam’s founding 21 years ago when we first began to provide legal services to Sulam on a pro bono basis. The children educated by Sulam span a… Read More

Day 58. The Corona virus and the disease it causes, Covid-19, do not discriminate. We are all potential victims. The economic impact of the Corona virus pandemic, however, does discriminate. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the economy. From the moment it first hit the shores of the United States its economic impact has been disproportionate. Consider the following: Some businesses, Amazon for example, have thrived thanks to the pandemic so much… Read More

Day 57 .Today represents two months to the day when Shapiro, Lifschitz and Schram began remote operations. For a law firm that for close to thirty years has proudly maintained ta fairly traditional approach to the practice of law – from a “suit and tie” dress code to a strong preference for non- remote, office based operations, it was quite a change to implement in a matter of days. But we did… Read More

Day 56. As a trial lawyer you learn early on that you can not convince a judge or a jury of your position by talking at that them; by telling them what they should believe and what decision they should reach. Judges and juries want to reach their own decisions after hearing the positions and arguments of both sides. The role of the advocate is to communicate effectively, credibly and to educate…. Read More

Day 55. A very special Happy Mother’s Day to my wife, my mother-in-law, my daughters, and daughter in law, and all the wives and mothers who, in addition to all that they do day in and day out, are carrying an extra burden during this pandemic. I hope you all enjoy this “virtual” bouquet! © Judah Lifschitz 2020

© Judah Lifschitz 2020

Day 53. The last few days have been high stress days for me. One of the “advantages” of being home all the time is that my early morning schedule has a newfound flexibility which is lacking in my normal tight schedule. So yesterday I grabbed a camera and went walking in the county park near my home. It was a beautiful morning in a quiet, peaceful venue. Just what I needed! I… Read More