Day 59. I am privileged to serve on a pro bono basis as President of Sulam, a very special school that provides Unlimited Learning to children with visible and invisible disabilities and learning challenges.  My involvement and that of our law firm dates back to Sulam’s founding 21 years ago when we first began to provide legal services to Sulam on a pro bono basis.

The children educated by Sulam span a wide spectrum and include children with Down syndrome as well as gifted and talented students with “invisible” learning disabilities.  The work that Sulam does is simply extraordinary.  It provides each individual student the personalized educational assistance required while mainstreaming each student in a regular classroom setting to the greatest extent possible.  Sulam is, literally, in the business of building futures for its students in an inclusive environment.  I and the entire SLS team are proud to work with the amazing, dedicated educational professionals of Sulam.

Sulam has been particularly impacted by the Corona virus pandemic. Educationally, Sulam had to transition overnight from in school teaching to a fully remote educational platform. Sulam’s educational staff has been working daily, literally overtime, to teach and support all of  Sulam’s students. Financially, our annual major fundraising event, the Sulam Gala, through which we raise $600,000, was scheduled for early June and had to be cancelled. While Sulam was able to benefit to an extent from the PPP loan program we must still raise significant funds in order to continue to service our student body.

I am reaching out to you in these difficult times to ask for your continued support of Sulam. I invite you to register and join me at a special Sulam virtual event, #TogetherWeRise, which will be held on Tuesday May 26 at 8 PM. Please register for the event and join us for an inspiring brief program honoring our unsung heroes – Sulam’s teachers and staff. Additionally, please to the extent that you are able in these difficult times become a sponsor of this event and help Sulam raise the funds required to continue to build the futures of its students.

Please click on this link https://www.sulam.org/togetherwerise to register for the event. 

Thank you in advance for your generous support at this very critical time. I look forward to your joining us on May 26 at 8 PM at the Sulam #TogetherWeRise virtual event.

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