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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Day 52. Yesterday the Governor of Maryland announced the first small step in the process of lifting the stay at home order which has been in place for the last seven weeks. State parks and beaches will be reopened for activities conducted with social distancing, mask etc. In making this announcement the Governor pointed to the following: “Over the past seven days we have seen a good trend in hospitalizations with five-straight… Read More

Day 51. As states have begun to lift stay at home orders, and as that yet undetermined date gets closer in the Washington DC area, I am trying to get a handle on what exactly it will mean for me .Quite frankly, it’s concerning. For example, what will judges require or demand in terms of when and how my cases are to proceed? Will they require the lawyers “to make up the… Read More

Anyone who has tried to help a technologically challenged individual access a web meeting will enjoy this video by an Israeli comedian. (Thanks to my friend George for sharing it).

Day 50. Another of the “commencement addresses” published by the Wall Street Journal this past weekend was written by a professor at New York University, Kwame Anthony Appiah. Titled, “Dreams Made Possible by Others, he struck a theme which resonates loudly to me in my daily life and work – teamwork. Accomplishments , large and small, are not about “me” they are about “us”. Here are a few excerpts from his insightful… Read More

Day 49. Among the “casualties” of the Covid-19 pandemic are graduations and commencement exercises. The Wall Street Journal published several commencement messages to graduates in its weekend edition. I found them quite thoughtful. The following are excerpts from a commencement message from Bill and Melinda Gates. Think about your own role, however, large or small, in making the world a better place for everyone…. It is true that you are entering this… Read More

Day 48. No matter one’s politics the following video message released by former President George W. Bush is a meaningful, powerful, and comforting message.

Let’s start this weekend on a high note! © Judah Lifschitz 2020

Day 46. A friend asked me during a WebEx last night, “Judah, have you driven your car in the last 6 weeks?” “Yes”, I answered, “But I have not purchased gas in the last six weeks”. Think about that for a moment. How a few short weeks ago my car was so vital to my daily life. My drive to and from the office was spent making calls, catching the news listening… Read More