My q50s

Day 46. A friend asked me during a WebEx last night, “Judah, have you driven your car in the last 6 weeks?” “Yes”, I answered, “But I have not purchased gas in the last six weeks”.

Think about that for a moment. How a few short weeks ago my car was so vital to my daily life. My drive to and from the office was spent making calls, catching the news listening to music or a podcast. And then suddenly, something that was so basic, so critical to my daily life, and so enjoyable (I love driving my Q50s) became overnight so unimportant, so irrelevant.

There must be a broader and deeper message here to thoughtfully consider. What else have I regarded as important, as vital, as valuable, when in fact it either is not or should not be? Surely, staying at home, praying at home, working remotely and not in the office, spending 24-7 with my wife, remaining local instead of getting on a plane every week, shopping for only basic necessities and not all those other “things” I “want” or “need” – all of these fundamental changes to daily life are an opportunity for reevaluating priorities. An opportunity not be squandered.

One can look at “Stay at home” as a restriction, as a negative. Or one can see it as an opportunity for reflection; a chance to analyze and redefine one’s priorities.

It’s all about making the most of a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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