Day 45. A comment received in response to yesterday’s blog post started me thinking. Has my focus over the last 45 days been misplaced? Have I wasted too much time and energy on the here and now of this pandemic? Obsessing over all the “dos and don’ts” of staying healthy and worrying about the financial impacts of the pandemic.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course, these are important issues that needed to be addressed. But have I invested too much of myself in pursuing these important details and in the process missed the “bigger picture”? Have I been so preoccupied with getting through this crisis that I have failed to stop and ask myself – really ask myself – what life lessons are to be learned from this once in a lifetime pandemic?

Is my goal to be the same person I was when this began six weeks ago? Or should I strive to become a better person as a result of having lived through Covid-19? Are there values that I could and should be learning from this experience that can inform the rest of my life? Or will this pandemic have been wasted on me? Just another challenge , another bump in my life’s road.

My exchange yesterday with my reader answered that question for me. This pandemic obligates me to think about about who I am and what lessons can I learn to make me a better person.

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