sooner or later

Our law firm has been very fortunate. We were able to work remotely rather seamlessly during the initial months of shelter in place and we were able to return to our offices this summer in a safe, healthy environment. I have been especially impressed and proud of our entire team and the highly diligent and respectful manner in which everyone has observed all of the various protective practices and requirements which we imposed to protect against becoming infected in the workplace. And beginning in the summer when we returned to our offices and continuing until a week ago we were uniformly Covid free. Then two of our employees, both of whom have been very careful both in and out of the workplace, tested positive. Thankfully, they have mild cases and are doing well under the circumstances. And thankfully no one else has come down with Covid-19.

The immediate impact has been to return our law firm to remote operations until after the Christmas holiday. It has been impressive how quickly we were able to return to remote operations under which we will be operating for the quarantine period. In talking with clients and colleagues I have learned that our experience is not unusual. Many businesses have had similar experiences no matter how careful they and their staffs have been.

Sooner or later Covid-19 strikes. Fortunately, the vaccines are on their way.

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