Staying Connected

Yesterday SLS implemented our “virtual law firm”. The first phase allows a controlled limited number of lawyers and staff to work in our building while everyone else works remotely. It got off to a great start. Everyone was busy. Clients were also for the most part working remotely and seemed to expect that we would shift to remote operations and were appreciative of our “not missing a beat”. We also began to receive some pandemic related questions regarding project delays and business interruption claims and insurance coverage issue. I made a short video for clients announcing our shift to remote operations as I do not want to lose the personal connection with the many individuals with whom we work. On the home front Marilyn is also working at home and having some difficulty transitioning to a home office. Given what I expect to be a long duration for this new work environment I think we will need to quickly set up and equip a really functional home office for her.

Our elementary school grandchildren have all begun on line classes to some extent though this will surely be a long haul for families with children at home. Today my ninety year old in laws are driving back to NY from Florida (yes that is what i said!). The advice we received was that since they were unwilling to remain in Florida, driving was safer than flying. Another example of how the world has been turned on its head! As we take more and more steps to implement stricter and stricter “social distancing” Caring and loving are taking on a new definition. I have always understood them to mean bringing those you love closer; drawing them nearer in both a physical and emotional sense. Today during this pandemic they mean the opposite. The more we care for others, the more we love our families, the more we need to maintain distance between us. Perhaps this is an irony. Or perhaps this is a manifestation of the essence of caring and loving – doing whatever is necessary to protect those you love.

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