Rise to the occasion?

Day 7. Yesterday we decided that our law firm would shift to a fully remote operation with only our executive director permitted to enter our building and work there. Our shift came as a result of the increased infection rate and our dismay at the lack of concern exhibited by many of our fellow Americans and their refusal to abide by the guidelines of the CDC and local governments. Thus, we felt compelled to require all our attorneys and staff to remain, where they can hopefully be safe and healthy home and where they are all able to function remotely and service our clients “without missing a beat”.

Today’s  Washington Post  asked the following question:

As the novel coronavirus spreads through communities across the country, it poses a critical question: Can America’s people, institutions and government collectively rise to the occasion to defeat a once-in-a-generation crisis?

This has been a concern of mine as I have watched the federal government, Executive and Legislative branches, struggle to lead, organize and unite in the best interests of all Americans. And this has been a growing concern of mine as I have watched individual Americans act as if this is not a matter of life and death – for them, their families, and their neighbors. Each one of us has a moral responsibility to act to save not only our own lives but those around us. That will require sacrifice. And we need to do this now before the rate of infection overtakes our ability to manage the crisis.

A simple example tells it all. Just yesterday I learned of an individual in my community who has symptoms of the coronavirus. He participates in a nightly study group and I immediately advised members of the group that someone in the group has symptoms and that we all needed to self quarantine through Tuesday night (the last time this individual attended the study group was Tuesday March 10). I received a call yesterday evening from one member of the study group seeking information. I explained what I knew and told him that he needed to self quarantine for the next two days. His response “It is not going to happen”.

Need I say more? The Washington Post is right.

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