Stay at home

Day 15. Yesterday the Governors of Maryland and Virginia and the Mayor of DC all issued mandatory Stay at Home orders. And while no one can say when these orders will ultimately be lifted ,it is pretty clear that we will be staying at home for weeks, at the very least.

In some respects I have have found working from home and staying at home a bit less stressful than my normal routine. My typical day – even on the weekend – is jammed packed by design. I often tell people that I view time as an enemy. Therefore I start my day early in the morning and end late at night with little downtime in between. I am up y no later than 4:45 am; out of the house by 6:30 am; in my office no later than 8:30; with my first meeting often at 7:30 am at a local favorite breakfast cafe; home around 7:30 pm to eat dinner; out by 8:30 pm to attend or teach a nightly Talmud class; and home at 10:00 pm. Over these past 15 days not having to commute and not having to run from meeting to meeting has reduced the stress of maintaining my hectic schedule. The problem is that while its nice to have less stress working from home means that I am less physically active. That is not good.

Normally I spin on Sundays and workout with a trainer at our law firm’s gym twice a week. Since I have been working remotely I have substituted 2 more spin classes in place of the personal training. But what’s is missing is all the going from here to there; the walking, the running, the daily physical activity that you do not even think of as “exercise”. So, this morning as soon as I complete this blog post I am going to get out of here and take a brisk walk, mild run in my neighborhood and see if this will work as a replacement for all that daily hustle bustle that I am missing as I comply with the Stay at Home orders.

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