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Monthly Archives: March 2020

A final bit of humor for the start of your weekend

Day 4 of working in the SLS vitrual law firm. My home office is slowly becoming a mess of boxes and files on the floor and I am now helping clients deal with the initial flood of coronavirus notices from tenants and contractors etc. But today I want to reflect on more personal thoughts. It was last Friday that it hit me that I, my family, my law firm, my community were… Read More

Day 3 of intense social distancing and working remotely. I am trying to keep my regular schedule. Up at 4:30-4:45, shower at 6, daven (pray) at 6:55, work beginning at 8 or 8:30. I am making a point of dressing as I would for work (sans the tie – sorry Steve!) and working my regular hours. I miss the drives to and from work and more importantly the personal face to face… Read More

Yesterday SLS implemented our “virtual law firm”. The first phase allows a controlled limited number of lawyers and staff to work in our building while everyone else works remotely. It got off to a great start. Everyone was busy. Clients were also for the most part working remotely and seemed to expect that we would shift to remote operations and were appreciative of our “not missing a beat”. We also began to… Read More

I began focusing on the Coronavirus as I traveled to Houston on March 2 to teach an industry course. During my stay in Houston it became clear to me just how difficult, no impossible, it would be to keep myself healthy while conducting my daily life “as usual”. How effective could all those hand sanitzers strategically placed in the public spaces really be? Not much, I thought – as I regularly used… Read More