the new normal….not!

Day 39. Ever since the corona virus invaded the US we hear time and time again that this and that is now the “new normal”. Only time will tell what does and what does not becomes a new normal and what changes in our lifestyle and routines were only temporary and disappeared with the virus. But for now the impact the virus is having on our daily lives is pervasive. This was vividly demonstrated to me this week.

Earlier this week I developed a really painful stiff neck and muscle spasms. Normally, before Covid-19, i would have been seen by doctor that day. He would have done a physical exam, assessed my condition and told me what to do or who to see. However, due to the pandemic, his office is essentially closed and he is primarily treating non- Covid -19 patients via phone consultations, email and virtual exams where possible. Lucky for me my doctor is excellent, caring and very responsive. Thus, as I have been trying to cope this week with my pain he has been there by phone and email to care for me. Since my muscular condition has not resolved and I am not one to take many pain killers, I emailed him this morning to see if I should come in so he could check me out in person. His response was, “I do not want you to come in for something that we can do by phone.”

The new normal.

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