July 4th

© Judah Lifschitz 2020

One Comment on “July 4th

  1. The perspective of the photo presents an illusion that the planes are somehow connected to the ball at the top of the flagpole. If the fourth plane on the far right where not there one could well think the planes were mere models, miniature replicas of the real thing. In a sense, the photo represents how we may see the world compared to reality. What we see and interpret with our senses can be of something that is not really there. Are these planes actual aircraft or simple models glued to the flagpole? I don’t have time to elaborate but this illusion is quite common in photographs and it tricks the mind in several ways. In another sense, it offers us a way to think about our existence. One could delve deeply into the world of illusion as reality reflects itself in our minds. (Just a little play for today!)

    Happy 4th of July my dear friend.



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