Looking for the positive (2)

In prior posts I have expressed concerns with the pandemic’s effects on the economy in general and on our law firm in particular. Four months into life under Covid-19, I am finally recognizing how important it is to look back and in the present and be thankful for how fortunate I and our law firm have been to date, rather then to stress over what will be in the days to come. Since the pandemic became reality in March, we successfully transitioned “over night” to remote operations and functioned in a fully remote mode for three months. Since June we have begun the process of returning to our offices and are well under way to resuming work in our warm (and safe) collaborative office as we have for the past thirty years. Most importantly, we have, so far, managed to keep everyone employed with no lay offs or furloughs.

My wife was so right when she recently took me to task for obsessing about the uncertainties of the future rather than acknowledging with much appreciation the blessings of the past and the present. Yes, these are stressful times. But that does not give license to ignore the good.

I have been blessed for thirty years to practice law with an amazing group of professionals. Together we are and will continue to confront the Covid-19 challenge and see better days.

© Judah Lifschitz 2020

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