January 1, 2021

Out with 2020 in with 2021. A new year. A new begining?

Unfortunately, over time, we become numb to statistics. Though the troubling pandemic stats of numbers of infected, critically ill, and deaths are enormous and growing daily and exponentially, after these many months, except for those directly and personally effected by the pandemic, the vast majority of us seem to have grown accustomed to the numbers and accept them as unfortunate realities of the pandemic. The second wave, however, and the increased devastation it is bringing in its wake, is likely to change this mindset as Covid-19 becomes more “personal”, almost unavoidable, to a greater number of people.

Take myself as an example. Two weeks ago two co-workers tested positive and our law firm was forced to return to remote operations. I have heard from more and more individuals who had returned to their workplace during the summer and who are now questioning whether to revert back to working remotely from home. This week I learned of others who have become infected. This past Sunday I had my own scare when a rapid test I took to allow my return to the office reported a false positive only to be contradicted two days later by a negative pcr test. Yesterday, a lawyer in Virginia with whom I work told me that he has been in quarantine after having been exposed. It seems as if the clock has reset back to March 2020.

Winter is just beginning. The holiday season impact has yet to be realized. The mutant virus is now confirmed in the US. Many Americans are Covid fatigued. Vaccines have been approved but our governments can’t figure out how to get them administered efficiently and swiftly.

All in all a recipe for a very difficult beginning to 2021.

Be vigilant. Be safe. Be smart.

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