Day of Hope

Day 20. My day started as usual at 5 am. I prepared my daily Talmud class which on Sundays is at 7 am. Then I showered, got dressed, went downstairs to my office and taught my class. Then I surfed on the internet . Death. More people I know or know of passed away on Saturday. The news reports warn us to brace for more bitter days ahead.

With each day that passes it becomes more difficult to keep a positive attitude. Yet, I know that I must stay up beat; for myself and for all those who in one way or another are relying on me. But I worry. I worry about my family, nuclear and extended, in Maryland, in New Jersey, in St Louis, in New York, and wherever they may be. I worry about my friends, my community, my SLS family, my clients, my colleagues. I worry about all this and more.

I can’t function this way. I can not allow myself to linger in a state of despair. I need to hope and believe in that hope; hope for the day after. And I need to instill hope in others; hope and belief that we will indeed overcome; that we will soon see the sun rising on a beautiful new day for each of us, our families, our friends – for the world.

© Judah Lifschitz

One Comment on “Day of Hope

  1. Good morning Judah. I quoted some of your writing to a friend of mine about the secondary effects of our response to the virus. Thanks for your posting. David


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