Acts of Kindness

Day 21. Yesterday was stressful. Lots of concern about business. All last week we and other small businesses rushed to compile all the information needed to apply for the emergency PPP loans that Congress authorized as a key element of the “stimulus” (no…survival would be far more accurate) loans for small businesses. Only to find out over the weekend that many banks (ours included) did not start processing loans because of unresolved issues between the banks and the government. Every business person I spoke with yesterday expressed the same concerns – (i)they do not know if they can last through this crisis without the loan and (ii) they do not know if their application will be processed in time and before the funds run out. What were healthy, well run, established businesses just a few short weeks ago are now uncertain about their future and their very survival.

In the midst of all this stress, a client with whom I am very close, sent me a link to an uplifting video with a note that he wished he could figure out how to add it to my blog. The video was inspiring and lifted my spirits and I hope it lifts yours as well.

At 10 pm my cell phone rang. It was another client. Someone with whom I worked extensively a few years ago but not much since. We became friends and have stayed in touch but with our busy schedules have been unable to get together for even a cup of coffee. This client/friend called just to see how I was doing.Were we healthy? How were our kids doing? We spoke for a while about having to stay at home and agreed to face time regularly through the crisis.

Acts of kindness. So thoughtful. For a few moments on a high stress day I stopped worrying about the uncertain future and was reminded of how lucky I was to have good friends. How blessed I am to be connected to caring people. These people and these relationships are what will get me through this pandemic – come what may.

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