DISCIPLINE and patience

Day 27. The last few days, over which my community celebrated the first days of Passover, are indicative of the challenge inherent in a large population maintaining mass social distancing over weeks and months. It is only natural that the discipline required to sufficiently depress the Covid-19’s curve of infection through social distancing is and will continue to be more and more difficult to sustain as time goes on. Weeks under stay at home orders, beautiful spring weather, and the desire for “authentic” (vs. virtual) inter-personal interaction, naturally contribute to a certain laxity creeping in and thus risking any progress made to date in defeating the virus.

For example, my wife and I took several walks in our neighborhood over the holiday. We simply needed to “get out”. Not surprisingly, we found many others with the same idea. While most were careful to try and maintain social distancing as required, the sheer numbers of adults, teenagers and children outside, walking, playing, talking etc. made it way more challenging then when everyone is in their home. Obviously!

Of course this is natural. But if we want to see the end to all this sooner rather than later (who does not?) we need to help each other recharge our discipline; to resist complacency; to avoid “cutting corners”.

Until there is a vaccine only by staying “alone together” will we return to our normal lives. It is hard. And as time goes on it will get harder.

We need patience. We need discipline.

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