Day 28. The challenge of this pandemic has brought peoples of all types together in the fight to defeat the Covid-19 virus. For the vast majority of us our role in that battle is maintaining physical separation and distance one from another. Ironically, It has been separation that has brought us together. Every day we witness acts of unity and caring for one another that transcend the physical distance between us. The selfless dedication of health care workers the world over who risk their own health to save others is the most powerful demonstration of our coming together in this time of crisis. The daily balcony cheers for health care workers that have reverberated throughout the world are another example of how this newfound unity. The hundreds (maybe thousands) of uplifting videos on the internet and social media convey concern for others and are powerful messages of hope.

Indeed, today “alone” has taken on a new meaning. Today “alone” means “together”.

But what about when this pandemic ends; when we return to life as it was; when we go back to work and to our daily routines? Will “together mean “together”? Or will “together” once again mean “alone”?

Much has been written about how this pandemic will have brought fundamental changes to our lives and to the world. Will those changes include a new definition of “together”?

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