we shall never forget

Day 36. Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, the day on which we remember the six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis in the Final Solution. Today we honor their memories and pledge that we shall never forget.

And we pledge Never Again.

Nothing can compare to the evil that reigned in the world during the Holocaust. We must never allow ourselves to believe, for even a moment, that man is incapable of such evil. For man is capable of evils which we dare not to imagine.

Man is also capable of great acts of kindness. On Holocaust Remembrance Day we honor simple people who performed extraordinary acts of kindness.

The video attached to today’s blog post tells the story of one such man.

While there are no comparisons that can be made to the Holocaust, the dedication of health care workers, doctors, nurses , and first responders during this pandemic should inspire each of us to do great things for others, if only we care.

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