Day 37. Open up a newspaper or news web site and you will find prominently displayed the global and national corona virus pandemic statistics. The stats reported include total number of persons infected, total critically ill, and total deaths. Public health officials require this data for their modeling, to judge the effectiveness of the restrictions put in place, and for devising a plan forward.

No doubt this data is critically important. and the numbers are staggering by any standard. But as someone presently mourning the loss of a loved one remarked to me, the numbers depersonalize the individual lives lost. That is because man has difficulty grasping the meaning of millions, hundreds of thousands, and thousands Such large scale total numbers do not tell the stories and experience of the people who make up the statistics. Man connects to the personal, to the individual, one by one. Thus, to fully comprehend the enormity and severity of this pandemic, one must hear the individual stories of those who lost their personal battle and of those who were triumphant against Covid-19

The statics will continue to be reported for many weeks more, and while I too will follow them, I for one, am seeking out stories of individuals who make up the numbers to more meaningfully explain to me what this pandemic is really all about,

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