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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Day 35 .My wife and I are devoted followers and participants in Koolulam a unique social singing initiative. Koolulam produced the following inspiring video that says it all.

Day 34. The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that: Americans are worried about lifting stay-at-home orders too quickly amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has dramatically upended life in a month marked by business shutdowns, job losses and illness, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. Nearly six in 10 in the survey said they were concerned that the country would move too fast to loosen restrictions aimed at slowing the… Read More

Day 32. The pressure to a return to “normalcy” is building. The economic consequences resulting from the drastic steps taken to protect the public’s health are enormous and increasing daily. More and more businesses are concerned with how long they can hold on and millions more Americans are being furloughed or loosing their jobs daily. It goes without saying – everyone will agree – the sooner that America can get back to… Read More

In response to my blog post of this morning I received the following inspiring email which I am sharing with the permission of the writer. You may know that my daughter is an ER nurse working the front line of this virus without ceasing to shelter in place.  She took the Covid-19 test yesterday and is awaiting the results.  She has, of course, had multiple instances of exposures.  Although I know that… Read More

Day 29. After a month of working from home remotely, limited non-virtual contact with friends and colleagues, and staying “put”, I must admit to going stir crazy. I know I intellectually that this is a marathon and not a sprint but from I can’t help but suffer from cabin fever. So I have started to escape – in the virtual sense, that is. So join me as I escape from this: To… Read More

Day 28. The challenge of this pandemic has brought peoples of all types together in the fight to defeat the Covid-19 virus. For the vast majority of us our role in that battle is maintaining physical separation and distance one from another. Ironically, It has been separation that has brought us together. Every day we witness acts of unity and caring for one another that transcend the physical distance between us. The… Read More

Day 27. The last few days, over which my community celebrated the first days of Passover, are indicative of the challenge inherent in a large population maintaining mass social distancing over weeks and months. It is only natural that the discipline required to sufficiently depress the Covid-19’s curve of infection through social distancing is and will continue to be more and more difficult to sustain as time goes on. Weeks under stay… Read More

Covid -19 Seder © Judah Lifschitz 2020

Day 23. The “Thanksgiving” of the Jewish calendar is the first night of Passover. It is the one time of the year when Jewish families and friends, regardless of their level of religiosity, gather together at the Seder which commemorates the Exodus from Egypt thousands of years ago. This year thousands of Seders all around the world will be celebrated alone, apart from loved ones. There is a lesson to be learned… Read More

Day 22. There is an old Yiddish saying “Man plans and G-d laughs”. This so applies to my wife and I as we approach the start of the Passover holiday tomorrow evening. Just a few weeks ago we were looking forward to hosting our entire immediate family for a celebration of our grandson Hillel’s bar mitzvah day. (He was born thirteen years ago on the first day of Passover). My ninety year… Read More