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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Day 21. Yesterday was stressful. Lots of concern about business. All last week we and other small businesses rushed to compile all the information needed to apply for the emergency PPP loans that Congress authorized as a key element of the “stimulus” (no…survival would be far more accurate) loans for small businesses. Only to find out over the weekend that many banks (ours included) did not start processing loans because of unresolved… Read More

Day 20. My day started as usual at 5 am. I prepared my daily Talmud class which on Sundays is at 7 am. Then I showered, got dressed, went downstairs to my office and taught my class. Then I surfed on the internet . Death. More people I know or know of passed away on Saturday. The news reports warn us to brace for more bitter days ahead. With each day that… Read More

Day 18. In Hebrew the number 18 corresponds with the word “chai”. Life. So I as end my third week at home I want to focus today not on the death that surrounds us but rather on the life that awaits us when this is all over. That life, that world, is a beautiful one. So let’s allow ourselves to hope that we will all remain healthy, persevere during these trying times,… Read More

Day 17. With each day the economic impact of the pandemic comes into sharper focus. I am not speaking of the stock market but rather the impact on individual businesses large and small who are all focused on assessing the impact of a months-long shut down of the economy on their businesses. Of course, the impact differs from business to business and industry to industry. Just yesterday I worked with several clients… Read More

Day 16. This is no April Fools joke. This is real. People are dying and yesterday even President Trump was forced to admit that social distancing, notwithstanding, hundreds of thousands of Americans will die and Americans will be under stay at home orders for weeks if not months to come. The United States is in a battle for “control” with a killer. Control. We all want to be in control. We all… Read More